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To set up the weekly meeting schedule; to inform it to other units and to remind them of following it. Making a minute of the meeting led by the President;


To update information of each unit to assist the President in university management;


To follow up and make a report of working progress of all units; To collect and write monthly report, quarterly report, annual report and the period-of-the-President report in accordance with the request of the President and other leaders;


To receive incoming documents, texts, e-mails related to the University and present them to Board of presidents to handle and deliver them to the relevant functional units; To subcribe newspapers and magazines for units; to send documents from the units in the University to outside organizations;


To observe and propose measures to regulate the Principal administrative procedures in University;


To manage documents and use the seals of the University in accordance with the government regulations;


To manage the storage of documents and materials in accordance with the Ordinance on the archive;


To sign certification for visitors working and staying in the University; Duplicate administrative documents issued by the University and leaders’ texts related to the University under the provisions of the State;


To coordinate the meeting rooms in the University. To prepare the meeting rooms and offices of the President and the Vice President, meetings and conferences of the University according to the weekly schedule. To do reception and concierge for the visitors. To make a preparation for the President and Vice Presidents to work with other organizations and local areas;


To photocopy all kinds of documents;


To implement policies for university leaders and units in accordance with current regulations of the State and the University;


To organize ceremonies with other units: New school year ceremony, Teacher’s Day, Tet Holiday...;


To prepare the conference hall for the conferences of each unit or Nong Lam University;


To manage website in the University to make communication effective and economical;


To be responsible for other works assigned by the President.

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